One PErcenter Concierge

One Percenters Concierge is a Miami and Ft. Lauderdale network of the most desirable establishments where we have  managers, chefs, hosts, concierges, chiefs of security, and other key personnel that receive a direct generous tip when one of our NFT holders requests access to a venue or event where our insiders have influence and power. This network includes the most desirable and typically inaccessible venues and events in the city of Miami and in some cases in other cities where the venue in question has a presence. 

How does it work?

Our One-Percenters call our Hospitality Inner Circle 24/7 line to request access in advance to a certain event, place, or venue. Our staff will make arrangements according to your level of membership. 

For Ultra Rare NFT holders the service is complimentary.  

For Rare NFT holders, the service costs 100 dollars per event. 

For common NFT holders, the service costs 200 dollars per event. 

We will always strive to provide the best service to all our One-Percenters NFT holders, but we do not guarantee our services. We fully appreciate the value of our relationship with our NFT holders and the importance of our capacity to deliver on our offers and perks; for that reason, it will always be our priority to fulfill our holder’s needs and desires.