One-Percenters Concierge is your gateway to a global concierge service that curates and designs luxury travel & the finest experiences money can buy. One-Percenters Rings NFTS are the ultimate ticket to access a lifestyle only accessible to the1% of humanity.

As a One Percenter Ring holder, you will have unlimited access to our exclusive One-Percenters, Concierge service for five years. After the first five years, One-Percenters Ring holders can maintain this valuable service for a reduced membership price of 2,000 USDC per year.

Fitness and wellness

  • Personal training
  • Yoga
  • Athletic Performance
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Strength
  • Cardio
  • Nutrition
  • Private Medic


  • Private Security
  • Security Planning
  • Personal Protection Detail
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Footprint Erase

Personal help & Skill training

  • Certified Life Coaches
  • Meditation Coaches
  • Personal Stylists & Image Consultants
  • Elite Nannies
  • Barber Stylists
  • Makeup Artists
  • Shopping Valet

Travel & Experiences

  • Travel Planning
  • Global Reservations: Hotels, Villas, Private Islands, Castles, and more.
  • Elite Dining Reservations
  • Extreme Adventures
  • Back to Basics Travel
  • Ultra-VIP Access to concerts & Events
  • Private Jet booking and Travel Planning.
  • Yacht Booking and Sailing Planning.
  • Exotic Cars Booking and Driving Experiences.
  • Private Air Strips & Closed Off Geographies
  • Event Planning
  • Video Production Hollywood Level
  • Elite Photography
  • Race Driving Lessons

Business Assistance

  • Personal Assistants
  • Executive Assistants
  • Personal Chefs
  • Public Relations & Publicists
  • Personal Item Tracker
  • Exotic Cars Private Brokers
  • Wealth Management
  • Business Attorneys
  • International tax lawyers
  • Criminal Defense Attorney

These are some of the services we offer. Our 24/7 concierge also arranges most of these services in selected countries.

Our concierge services are only limited by your imagination and budget.