the founders

One-Percenter NFT Rings’ founders’ names and reputations provide significant value to this project, resulting in confidence for One-Percenter NFT holders while also creating a highly appealing secondary market.

Jeff Hamilton

Jeff Hamilton began his career as a fashion designer in Paris France. When he arrived in the US he forced his way into the top fashion circles making a name for himself as the creative genius behind Guess? for Men. After leaving Guess? Jeff began designing leather jackets that were much more than articles of clothing. Simply stated: “they were pieces of art”. Soon, Jeff had athletes, entertainers, and world leaders beating a path to his door for the pleasure of being draped in one of his remarkable designs. Before long Jeff expanded his idea into the world of sports culminating in the creation of a jacket line that became a must-have for athletes, celebrities, and sports fans alike.

Along the way, people began to take notice of the aesthetic beauty of Jeff’s unique designs and workmanship with hand-cut leather appliqués, accented with finely tuned embroidery and occasionally fashioned with metal and or stone adornment. It was clear that these items were meant to be treasured forever, rather than worn till out-of-season.

Jeff ultimately took on a passion for designing specific pieces strictly as art. These earlier pieces generally acknowledged his love of sports icons such as Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan. Today, Jeff has expanded his collection to include tributes to the Legends of Rock including The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Pink Floyd, to name a few.

It is the Crowning achievement of an impressive career that began more than 25 years ago and we are proud to present this fabulous collection to you.

Ron Green

With over 30 yrs. in the entertainment industry, both behind the mic and behind the scenes. Ron has solidified his place as one of South Florida’s go-to producers and talent managers for all things live entertainment. Specializing in multi-venue entertainment and atmospheric activations and with a keen understanding of budgeting, activating, and scheduling in a multi-venue property, Ron comes on board to handle all the One-Percenters Ultra-Secret Events guaranteeing that each one of our events will surpass our members’ expectations

Joaquin Rodriguez

Joaquin Rodriguez is a well-established filmmaker and published writer with six feature films released internationally in more than 42 countries on top streaming services and theatrical releases in 8 countries, including the United States.

Joaquin Rodriguez is the creator of the One-Percenters NFT project. His 22-year film career has given him unique access to a global network of ultra-high-end service providers, event producers, concierge services, and insiders that have joined One-Percenters NFT Rings project to provide the NFT holders with utilities and parks never seen before in any NFT project.

Edward Peter Slominski

The explosions of fraud and disruptive technologies in the Fin Tech sector has provided an ideal platform for a confluence of new investments, M&A activity and start ups to create marketplace opportunities. Anadyne has raised over $50mm in capital for several projects in the FInTech space while attracting Best of Class thought/action leaders for these projects.

On July 3, 2013 the launch of took place, this Social Network focused to the Collegiate Lifestream is the first truly integrated StudyBoard providing a fun study experience for Social or Tutored Study. Already in 12 major Florida University and adding 15 more this fall, I was named CEO/ Director.

In 1987, Slominski invented the first mobile breast cancer unit, which today is widely used for breast cancer screening. In 2001 I developed the widely utilized “Swipe n Go” small ticket transaction concept in the United States.

Across a number of industries, I have been considered a Visionary that adds Value while changing a market landscape. A Leader who inspires trust from those who follow him and an Individual who never is confused by the Right Decision whether applied personally or in Business.

Among other distinctions, he was voted the Entrepreneur of the Year by Venture Magazine and was nominated for the prestigious Edwin L. Cox School of Business Award at SMU.

Founder of Anadyne Mobile Medical Technology, Prime Security Distributors, Choice Security Systems, PaySmart America, and Direct Technology Innovations. In December 21012 I led an Investment and Development Team to launch SlideSafe, LLC a disruptive Mobile application directed at the PSP/Aggregator Merchant Acquiring space.

Specialties: Game-changing Marketing Strategies, Sales Concepts directed toward high volume sales organizations. Board and Mentor Activities with numerous companies and Individuals. Channel development and focused results in Niche Markets.

Joaquin Rodriguez jr

Joaquin is a Web3 pioneer. His deep knowledge of blockchain, NFTS, and decentralized solutions is behind the adoption of blockchain and the migration of companies into the NFT and Crypto world. At the young age of 24, Joaquin is a seasoned Web3 developer, professional photographer, and cinematographer.